As a think-do tank, the success of the GLOBE EU Bee Group depends on mutual trust and a commitment by all parties to both substantive debate and action.

The MEPs and the Bee delegates convene at least once a year for a general strategy meeting in which the annual priority policy issues of the Group are established. The last Strategy meeting took place on 15 June 2015.

Every GLOBE EU Bee Group event is piloted by at least one MEP office and one Bee delegate. Bees are welcome to organise themselves in ad-hoc task forces in order to contribute to the steering of the work.

The role of the Bees is three-fold:

  • Identify, through life cycle and value chain approaches, the underlying causes and drivers for the issues and challenges identified in the Resource Intelligent Europe Declaration within their respective sectors, with a particular focus on the issues identified in the plenary GLOBE EU Bee Group strategy meetings; propose alternative policies measures and the corresponding strategic fora to address them;
  • Serve as ambassadors of the GLOBE EU Bee activities and raise awareness of GLOBE EU Bee work among key decision makers and facilitate the mobilisation of a platform of ‘willing’ allies across stakeholder groups (government, parliamentarians, research , business, civil society) for them to become ‘ambassadors’;
  • Identify knowledge partners able to provide research and policy development support.

Membership to the Bee Group of GLOBE EU is open to business and industry delegates committed to the vision of long-term sustainability and ready to provide expertise and constructive input to policymakers towards this long-term vision as laid down in the Bee Group Charter. A sectorial approach to the expansion of the Bee Group membership base is seen as desirable in order to facilitate the development of tangible action and deliverables.

The contribution for 2017 is 8,500€. These funds contribute to the work of GLOBE EU and its activities.

Current members of the Bee Group are Allianz Global Investors, Cemex, The Dow Chemical Company, Ecolab, LafargeHolcim, ROCKWOOL, Saint-Gobain, Tarkett, and Umicore.

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Although GLOBE EU is not an official Intergroup of the European Parliament and is therefore not subject to the European Parliament rules governing Intergroups, as a registered non-profit international organisation under Belgian law (AISBL) GLOBE EU must report its financial interests to the Registry of the Belgian Commercial Court (Greffe du Tribunal du Commerce / Griffie van de Rechtbank van Koophandel) by 30th June every year. In addition, GLOBE EU’s own Rules of Procedure provide a framework for disclosure of financial and programme-related information.