“Sustainability in the EU: The State of Play”

GLOBE EU high-level conference with the support of the Club of Rome and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Brussels, 15 October 2019, from 14h00 to 18h00


14h00 Welcome – Sirpa Pietikäinen*, President GLOBE EU

14h10 Opening Statement – General (retired) Tom Middendorp* — former Netherlands Chief of Defense; Chair, International Military Council on Climate and Security

14h20 First Keynote Address: Sandrine Dixson-Declève* — Co-President, Club of Rome

14h30 Second Keynote Address: Joss Blériot* — Executive Officer, Head of Institutions, Governments & Cities, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

14h40 Questions from the audience

15h00 First panel discussion

Use of our Natural Resources

Chair: Bas Eijkhout, member of GLOBE EU

  • Trends in Natural Resource Use and Management (Paul Ekins*, International Resource Panel)
  • Economic Growth and Circularity (Fulvia Raffaelli*, EU Commission, DG GROW)
  • A Just Transition to a Low-Carbon Society (Ludovic Voet*, International Trade Union Confederation)
  • Industry contribution on how to use materials sustainably (Jihane Ball*, Dow)

15h45 Break

 16h00 Second panel discussion

Protection of our Natural Capital

Chair: Sirpa Pietikäinen, member of GLOBE EU

  • State of the Environment (GEO-6) (Matthew Billot*, UN Environment)
  • Protecting Biodiversity (Hans Bruyninckx*, European Environment Agency)
  • Restoring Ecosystems (Luc Bas*, IUCN)
  • Industry contribution on how to safeguard our natural habitat (Ecolab)

16h45 Break

17h00 Third panel discussion

Our Urban Infrastructure & Mobility

Chair: Peter Liese*, member of GLOBE EU

  • Smart Cities (Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor for Ecology, Urbanism and Mobility, Barcelona)
  • Sustainable Urban Transport (Herald Ruijters*, EU Commission, DG MOVE)
  • Air Pollution and public health (Génon Jensen*, Executive Director, HEAL)
  • Industry contribution on the recycling of valuable resources (Egbert Lox*, Umicore)

17h45 Conclusions and closing statement – Anders Wijkman*, Honorary Member, GLOBE EU

18h00 End

*) confirmed