“(…) A clear, stable, regulatory direction is essential for delivering the certitude needed for business to deliver change. Yet, I need to hear where policy can change to drive faster rates of innovation and where it can remove blocks to business models that would deliver greater efficiency with reduced investment cost. The Bee initiative is the kind of flow of information which I believe is essential. (…)”

(Then) Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik at the GLOBE EU Bee Group lunchtime roundtable “Europe in Search of Excellence in Resource Efficiency” – full speech here

In early 2010, GLOBE EU invited a group of delegates from progressive business and representing industry interests to a dinner at the European Parliament to take stock of the challenges posed by the EU 2020 Strategy —aimed at making Europe a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy — and beyond: ‘What would we need to do, in politics and industry, to make Europe more sustainable?’

GLOBE EU and its guests agreed that corporations often lack the knowledge and long-term vision to weather today’s challenges: from the financial and economic crisis to escalating environmental degradation.  But they also agreed that regulatory failures represent an opportunity for the responsible corporate community to take the lead and forge ahead towards a low-carbon and resource-efficient economy while contributing to empowering policy-makers to deliver the necessary legal certainty as soon as possible.