November 28, 2022

GLOBE EU members Pietikäinen, Hojsík, and Olekas hosted a hybrid event on regenerative farming on November 16.

Regenerative farming offers a sustainable alternative to current farming practices, which are known to cause multiple challenges to the environment.  Rather than posing a threat, regenerative farming increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services.  It involves all stakeholders and focuses on improving the whole ecosystem: soil, water, and biodiversity.

Damages to the environment caused by current farming practices were highlighted by our keynote speaker, George Monbiot, who is Guardian columnist and author of “Regenesis: Feeding the World without Devouring the Planet”.

Speakers from Nestlé, Unilever, the WBCSD, and WRI addressed the adverse environmental consequences of current farming practices and explored how policies must change to encourage farmers to deploy more sustainable techniques.


16h00 Welcome – Sirpa Pietikäinen MEP, President GLOBE EU

16h10 Keynote Address – George Monbiot, author of “Regenesis: Feeding the world without devouring the planet

16h30 Expert Introductions:

  • Katja Seidenschnur, Sustainability Director Europe, Nestlé
  • Dorothy Shaver, Sustainability Director, Nutrition & Ice Cream, Unilever
  • Dana Rakha-Michalon, Manager, One Planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
  • Morgan Gillespy, Director Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU), World Resources Institute

17h10 Discussion – moderated by Martin Hojsík MEP, Vice-President GLOBE EU

17h50 Conclusion –  Juozas Olekas MEP, member GLOBE EU


Speakers’ bios

Presentation Katja Seidenschnur

Presentation Dana Rakha-Michalon

Presentation Morgan Gillespy