October 22, 2019

GLOBE EU, with the support of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and The Club of Rome, was pleased to host three panel discussions –on our use of natural resources, the protection of our natural capital, and the sustainability of urban infrastructures and mobility– in the European Parliament, Brussels, on October 15, 2019.

The conference, which was hosted by GLOBE EU members Sirpa Pietikäinen, Peter Liese, and Seb Dance, opened with a statement by general (retired) Tom Middendorp of the International Military Council on Climate and Security.  His address was followed by interventions from Sandrine Dixson-Declève (The Club of Rome) and Joss Blériot (the Ellen MacArthur Foundation).


Conference audio recording

Speakers’ Info

Opening address Tom Middendorp

Presentation Sandrine Dixson

Presentation Peder Jensen

Presentation Jihane Ball

Presentation Bela Galgoczi

Images 1-6 are courtesy of Folker Herlyn; images 7 and 8 were kindly provided by UN Environment

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