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Within the European Parliament, GLOBE EU serves as a platform for discussing European Commission policy proposals and for coordinating political action among like-minded legislators in the European Parliament and at member state level.  It seeks to facilitate structured discussions between Members of the European Parliament, Commission officials, specialists, and a diversity of stakeholders through high-level round tables, workshops and conferences. 


GLOBE EU Overshoot Day 2024

Sirpa Pietikäinen, along with Heidi Hautala and Margrete Auken, hosted an event in the European Parliament’s VoxBox on April 9 to welcome high school students from the European Schools in Brussels and VIBGYOR High in Mumbai, India. This yearly GLOBE EU gathering marks Earth Overshoot Day, which, for the European Union, falls on May 3 this year. […]

“Charting the Path to Sustainable Resource Management: Unveiling the 2024 Global Resources Outlook Report (GRO24)”

On March 5, GLOBE EU members Sirpa Pietikäinen, Paul Tang, Heidi Hautala, and Ville Niinistö were joined by Janez Potočnik and a host of experts to learn about the IRP’s 2024 Global Resource Outlook. The meeting focused on the urgent need to address climate change and resource use inefficiency, emphasizing the importance of cooperation, sharing, […]


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