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Within the European Parliament, GLOBE EU serves as a platform for discussing European Commission policy proposals and for coordinating political action among like-minded legislators in the European Parliament and at member state level.  It seeks to facilitate structured discussions between Members of the European Parliament, Commission officials, specialists, and a diversity of stakeholders through high-level round tables, workshops and conferences. 


Regenerative Agriculture: Dud or Silver Bullet? November 16, 2022

GLOBE EU members Pietikäinen, Hojsík, and Olekas hosted a hybrid event on regenerative farming on November 16. Regenerative farming offers a sustainable alternative to current farming practices, which are known to cause multiple challenges to the environment.  Rather than posing a threat, regenerative farming increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services.  It […]

Building the Future: Can clean technologies pave the way for zero-carbon construction?



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GLOBE EU is pleased to welcome Sherwin-Williams as the latest member of the Bee Group

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