Sustainable Development

Climate Change


Resource Efficiency

Within the European Parliament, GLOBE EU serves as a platform for discussing European Commission policy proposals and for coordinating political action among like-minded legislators in the European Parliament and at member state level.  It seeks to facilitate structured discussions between Members of the European Parliament, Commission officials, specialists, and a diversity of stakeholders through high-level round tables, workshops and conferences. 


Sustainable Food and Land Use Systems

On September 8, members of GLOBE EU hosted an event (online, due to limited access to the European Parliament) together with experts on sustainable food systems, resource efficiency, and biodiversity to discuss how land for agricultural activities (growing crop, livestock) can be used more efficiently.  Speakers demonstrated how land use optimization (e.g., by promoting regenerative […]

Sustainability in the EU: The State of Play

GLOBE EU, with the support of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and The Club of Rome, was pleased to host three panel discussions –on our use of natural resources, the protection of our natural capital, and the sustainability of urban infrastructures and mobility– in the European Parliament, Brussels, on October 15, 2019. The conference, which was hosted […]


Click here to read GLOBE EU’s letter to Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel urging the Commission and Council to use the COVID19 rescue plan to accelerate the EU’s transition into a more inclusive and sustainable society.

GLOBE EU is pleased to announce its first Partnership Agreement with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation thereby confirming its members’ interest in working together even more closely with the Foundation on building a more sustainable and resilient EU economy.  For more information on the Partnerships click here.