March 11, 2024

On March 5, GLOBE EU members Sirpa Pietikäinen, Paul Tang, Heidi Hautala, and Ville Niinistö were joined by Janez Potočnik and a host of experts to learn about the IRP’s 2024 Global Resource Outlook.

The meeting focused on the urgent need to address climate change and resource use inefficiency, emphasizing the importance of cooperation, sharing, and collective responsibility in solving global socio-ecological problems.

Participants discussed the limitations of current policies and the necessity of integrating circular economy principles, demand-side solutions, and nature-based solutions into climate action to achieve sustainable resource use and enhance human well-being.

The conversation also highlighted the need for systemic change, including institutional governance, financial incentives, and equitable resource distribution, to ensure a fair and green future.



Presentation Janez Potocnik

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