April 3, 2023

Sirpa Pietikäinen, MEP and President of GLOBE EU, and Catherine Chabaud, MEP welcomed Ani Dasgupta, President and CEO of the World Resources Institute, a GLOBE EU partner organization, for the keynote address.  Ani emphasized the need for national governments to prioritize water as a crisis issue and the impact of water scarcity on poor communities.

His comments on the outcome of the UN 2023 Water Conference were followed by a panel discussion, moderated by Catherine Chabaud, with interventions by UNEP, the European Commission (DG ENV), Bee Group member Ecolab, and The Ocean Cleanup, touching on microplastic pollution, extending producer responsibility, and recognizing water as a common good of humanity.





10h00   Welcome – Sirpa Pieikäinen, MEP and President of GLOBE EU

10h10    Introduction – Catherine Chabaud, MEP and member of GLOBE EU

10h15    Keynote Address – Ani Dasgupta, President and CEO, World Resources Institute

10h30    Panel Discussion

  • Veronika Hunt Safrankova – Head of Brussels Office UNEP
  • Veronica Manfredi, Director, DG ENV-C, European Commission
  • Tiffany Atwell, SVP Global Government Relations, Ecolab
  • João Ribeiro-Bidaoui, General Counsel & Director of Global Public Affairs, The Ocean Cleanup

11h10    Discussion with the audience

12h00   End

Speakers’ bios

Presentation Dasgupta

Presentation Safrankova

Presentation Ribeiro-Bidaoui