March 15, 2023

On March 8, GLOBE EU member and MEP Margrete Auken hosted an event to draw attention to the need for European cities and regions to prepare for extreme weather events caused by climate change.  Representatives from Copenhagen and Porto were on call to explain the successful implementation, with support from the European Union, in their cities of infrastructure to mitigate the impact of changing precipitation patterns.  Nestlé Waters provided examples of industry’s involvement in the implementation of nature-based solutions to manage water extraction.  The World Resources Institute and the European Commission (DG CLIMA), finally, presented tools and support mechanisms available to local governments in preparing for climate adaptation.


Welcome and Introductory remarks – Margrete Auken MEP

Panel Discussion:

  • Jan Rasmussen – Project Director, City of Copenhagen
  • Felipe Araújo – Vice-Mayor, City of Porto
  • Janneke de Vries – Director for EU Partnerships, World Resources Institute
  • Cédric Egger – Head of Sustainability, Nestlé Waters
  • Willem Jan Goossen – Policy Officer, European Commission

Q&A with participants

Speakers’ bios

Presentation Jan Rasmussen

Presentation Felipe Araújo

Presentation Janneke de Vries

Presentation Cédric Egger

Presentation Willem Jan Goossen