October 4, 2023

The GLOBE EU conference of September 26 focused on the need to secure the EU’s resource efficiency and prevent its economy from becoming reliant on non-energy natural resources.

Sirpa Pietikäinen, President of GLOBE EU, welcomed Stientje van Veldhoven (WRI) who emphasized the need for sufficiency in her keynote address, and Peter Handley (DG GROW) who presented the proposed Critical Raw Materials Act.  The conference aimed to address targets set by the CRMA for 2030, including a 15% target for strategic materials supplied through recycling and a 40% target for raw materials processed within the EU.

A panel of experts (Zero Waste Europe, Leiden University) presented diverse perspectives and provided concrete recommendations on meeting these targets, while also considering industry input.  Key issues addressed included funding availability, waste shipments within Europe, and sustainable design.

Industry representatives (Umicore, C&A) highlighted regulatory obstacles impeding the scaled-up development of recycling and processing capacities. The ensuing discussion focused on overcoming these obstacles to ensure the EU’s resource efficiency.

The conference provided a platform for experts and industry representatives to collaborate and work towards a more sustainable approach to resource management in the EU.


Presentation Stientje van Veldhoven

Presentation Aline Maigret

Presentation Wouter Ghyoot

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Presentation Isabella Maurizi

Speakers’ bios

Presentation Eline Boon (who had to cancel her presentation due to illness)